Frozen pizza.

  • Fresh Local Produce
  • Free Range Happy Meats
  • Traditional Low Yeast Dough
  • No Preservatives

PRODUCT RECALLDue to the undisclosed presence of Anchovies in our Worcestershire sauce we are recalling all BBQ BIRDIE pizzas with a best before up until 2.7.21 for relabelling.  Anyone with a fish allergy SHOULD NOT consume these pizzas and should return them to their place of purchase for a full refund. We have sourced a certified fish-free version so that we can continue production and you can continue enjoying the best frozen pizzas on the planet!

Outrageously good pizza …from your freezer

Here at the Byron Bay Pizza Co. we set out to make a truly exceptional frozen pizza. One that you can actually feel good about eating. Prepared by hand in our Byron Shire kitchen from Australia’s freshest, tastiest and most ethically farmed produce.

Our pizzas are, without a doubt, the best frozen pizzas on the planet!


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